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Growing with Chattahoochee Baptist Church

Welcome to our Building Campaign website. We hope you enjoy looking around and learning more about our Grounded In Faith, Growing To Serve campaign. Allow God’s presence to surround you and ask Him:

Lord, do you want me to be a part of Chattahoochee Baptist Church’s journey?

Regardless if you support us through prayer, financially, or by being God’s hands and feet through this process, your support is key to the success of our building campaign. Chattahoochee Baptist Church is excited to follow in the path that God has set before us and we desire to stay Grounded in Faith and Growing to Serve.

Grounded In Faith, Growing To Serve is the name chosen for our campaign. We believe that with God’s guidance, this campaign will fulfill the financial needs of this new phase of our church growth.

Grounded In Faith, Growing To Serve is an important step to our future, and your involvement impacts its success.

Pastor Chris Anderson

Our Campaign Prayer

Lord, we realize the commitment and the sacrifice it takes to stay focused as we move through this project. Give us the power and strength to stay on course as we make the necessary sacrifices to reach the goal that’s before us. Lord, I lift up all the men and women in this project. I pray we would look to You for guidance and direction. This project is an opportunity for us to serve You and for us to work together in unity. Lord, we know You are in control, and all things come through Your power. God, we pray our desires line up with Your plan so that we are praying for the right things. We realize this is just a building and that Your people make up the church. We pray this building will be a place to serve our community and that it will be used to further Your kingdom. We pray that in this new church building people will find the hope that we have in Christ Jesus and the joy that we have in a relationship with You.

2 Corinthians 2:14-17

You can download our Prayer Card and our Mobile Screen Saver as a reminder to pray for our campaign.